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what's up, my little kitkats!

the name happens to Morgan Jordan, but I go by my pseudonym Reloaxa (sometimes ThePinkWater or ReloaxaThePinkWater). i'm an illustrator, animator, writer, singer, songwriter, music producer, movie-goer, anime lover, teetotaller, fast food eater, professional daydreamer, social media scroller, weirdness member, cuteness attractor & intentionally bad joker from west midlands, england.

i have autism, adhd, severe anxiety & a few other mental problems & i feel these have held me back a bit from my goals & hopes, but i know that as long as i have the support of my loved ones & you guys, i can get through my conditions without a single worry in the world & still do very well. i'm rather shy & usually like to keep myself to myself, but when i'm around others, i still enjoy the company. many have also told me i'm a very funny & kind person & no one's ever considered me ignorant or selfish.

i love nothing more than designing characters & creating their stories, personas & worlds, as it gives my characters more depth & helps me work with them a lot better. as a kid, i was obsessed with animated films & cartoons & i always knew that working in the industry was my true calling. like most people, I have been drawing ever since I was a kid & I started designing characters as a teen, but it wasn't until i was 18, that i decided i was gonna be more serious about illustrating & that i would make a living out of that as well. here i am in my 20s & i'm still trying to improve, hell i'm still working professionally yet.

but i'm gonna try as hard as can to though & given i recently completed my education, I will devote the majority of my time to practice. i plan on taking some illustration & animation classes & tutorials, so I can build my skills. i have always loved coming up with ideas with stories & when I feel my art is good enough, i'm gonna bring to life some of my stories via numerous comics, illustrations & animations. i have like 20 or more story ideas up my sleeves & my main inspirations are the world surrounding me, my childhood & my own self-being, as well as, disney films & anime... A LOT of anime. New ideas pop into me all the time, even when i don't realise it.

while i'm very experimental & don't really have a particular art style (yet), i usually tend to have have two artistic sides - there's my more cartoony & not so serious side where i create colourful & wacky cartoon characters with appealing colours for all ages & then there's my more thematically atmospheric side, where i capture emotional, beautiful & breath-taking atmosphere that pictures the concept of any ideas, whether it's for stories, personal things or simply to calm you mind.

i have used many numerous programs over the years, but my main programs i use are photoshop, procreate & krita for drawing & for animating, i use flipaclip. i'm also looking to use stuff like clip studio paint, after Effects, adobe illustrator & toonboom harmony in the future. I use numerous programs (notably ableton & music maker jam, sometimes garageband) to produce & compose my music.

you guys are always welcome to contact me if you want to talk or ask me something. i don't bite. ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)

oh, & always remember - creativity has no definition, there's no such word as perfect & chicken fajitas are jesus!

some of my personal art influences (check out all these artists' works in your time):
• Yamio/Yamiipon
• Pernille Ørum
• Amei Zhao
• NanoMortis
• tasia.m.s
• CuddlyVeedles
• KucingKecil-Cabin
• pasoputi
• Death and Milk
• Qinni (rest in peace)

coming soon....

2d animations

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Percy the Hen

The Jellyfish


Sunset Racewalk

pixel animations

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this is a personal comic strip I made for autism acceptance month which details how autism can sometimes affect me negatively, whilst trying to be accepting of my condition & it also acknowledges you live with autism your entire life.

i made it as part of a project organised by the lovely & super talented Bex/Schnumn (please check out her comics & artwork, they are amazing & inspirational).

basically, alongside a bunch of fellow autistic creators, we wrote & drew out our own stories about living with autism & we've compiled them all into an entire anthology called Sensory: Life on the Spectrum.

this is my first ever public collaboration project & i'm excited & thrilled that i took part in this project, as it not only allowed me to disclose my expressive storytelling to a lot of people, but i've met so many amazing autistic creators & have been wowed by their stories, which have inspired me greatly & on top of all that, it has made me more understanding & accepting of my condition & has inspired to more comics in the future about living with autism.

i really hope this anthology will inspire many other people like us!

if you wanna read more about it & everyone who took part, check out the official website (still under construction):